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What the F$%& do you guys do?  After a decade of existence, that question may as well be our slogan at this point.  The Banfield Group is the proud creation of two intellectual individuals that have employed strategically dynamic trading positions in various marketplaces around the globe.  Hold up, hold up, that’s not who we are.   We are two regular, familia first dudes that have worked our asses off to beat the books.  Sportsbooks that is (of course). 

There we go, that’s who we be.

After a decade of picking on Pinny, Cris and anything/everything based out of Europe, we’ve decided to have some fun and share our story.  Also, we’ve evolved!   One-trick sports betting ponies morphed into full blown strategically dynamic position trading degenerates ;)  


ALWAYS BETTING is what we do.  Sports betting, cryptocurrency, stocks, real estate, etc... Anything that adds to Banfield’s bottom line.  Is it a business?  Is it a hobby?  Is it an addiction?  It can’t be a lifestyle…can it?  The creation of this website and the subsequent social presence is a project designed to let YOU be the judge.  Follow our journey, copy our bets, stand on the sidelines pointing & laughing - we welcome it all.  As you scratch your head and think WTF, we’ll continue doing our thang.  Betting, grinding, depositing & withdrawing. 

The goal?  To connect with like-minded individuals and maximize our time creating amazing memories, with amazing people.


To those who have read this far (we love you!) and WELCOME TO THE FAMILIA!  We hope our journey excites you, inspires you and who knows, maybe even connects you with a few like-minded people.  We are ecstatic to have you aboard and look forward to engaging with you along the way!





Much Love,

Pisky & Fulldog


Banfield Group



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