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10 Bet

Assassin Fulldog

Back in the day, 10bet was a savior for us. We were beating the shit out of Bet365 and they (bet365) had become uber sensitive with their limitation tactics. It got to a point where we would literally have our stakes cut down after four or five bets. No joke. Ridiculous. This prompted a Banfield bookmaker blitz and we stubbled upon this European place called 10bet. "OMG, you have to be shitting me" was my initial response. While the inner workings of their sportsbook were unique, their live platform was a CLONE of Bet365! Actually, it was Bet365 with smaller limits and shittier juice. Still, given how soft 365's Live numbers were at the time, this was an absolute blessing for us. Can you rough up 10bet as bad as you can rough up Bet365? Probably not. But, you can still give them a damn good spanking before being shown to the door. We've had mid 5 figure balances that were paid out without issue. One thing to definitely keep in mind when Live betting at 10bet: Once you're deemed sharp, your Live bets are submitted to a trader who has the ability to accept or decline them. If you're betting on commercial break where the line moves are less frequent, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting your bets in. Anything in-play, expect the traders to be stingy & difficult.

Trader Beanfield

Player props are few and far between at this sportsbook. They have very competitive pre-game NFL lines (-108), not so much in NCAA football though (Terrible -116 a side). As Fulldog mentioned, you can definitely go on big runs at 10bet. I would recommend starting small and working your way up. You will hit these European books' radar pretty fast if you're swinging (and connecting) out of the gate.

Payout Pisky

As the Fulldog eluded to, 10bet has been on our hit list ever since that wonderful day when we found out they copied Bet365's Live betting odds. Being a European sportsbook licensed by the "Gambling Commission" (UK license), they unfortunately fall into that shitty anti-crypto category. That obviously sucks, but it's not impossible to get in/out. They offer Interac transfers which are very handy for fellow Canadians & this new app called Much Better. You can deposit your crypto into the Much Better app (at a 2% loss) and then from there, deposit into these tightly regulated Euro books. Lastly, yes, we've been on some pretty epic runs at 10bet. Fulldog wasn't exaggerating (he never exaggerates) about the numbers. No issues to report, we've always been paid in full. I do remember installments though, but that is standard practice. Their site advertises 8500 max payout via Interac & 10k via Much Better. Both those figures sound on par with what we were dealing with in the past, using Moneybookers & Instadebit.

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