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5 Dimes

Assassin Fulldog

5Dimes is a reputable sportsbook that has been around for as long as I've been in the industry. Their website may not appeal to some, its as old school as it gets, but I'm kind of fond of it. Why change something that isn't broken? I like that they offer multiple Live betting platforms on their site. They have an old-school section where their in-house guys update lines manually during commercial breaks. They also have a few automated in-game platforms that pretty much copy the likes of Bet365. All these are great options when I have to go hunting for a specific number. In terms of wagering variety, 5D's offerings are VAST. Like not too far behind Bet365 kind of vast. Variety is obviously great for what we do, but I do have a complaint. Their prop limits are shit. It's tough to make any kind of real noise on exotic bets because of said shit limits.

Like most books, 5D will limit your stake if you start kicking their ass. However, once those wager limit shackles go on, they still allow you to bet a decent amount. You're probably looking at $250 on Live, $100 on Props but they'll still give you 1-2 dimes on pre-game straight bets. Overall beating threshold before your limits are put to zero? Probably 30-50k

Trader Beanfield

I have to second a lot of what Fulldog said above. 5Dimes has great variety in their pre-game offerings and multiple live betting platforms. Their site is easy to navigate and getting bets accepted is quick & facil! Something that is very important in my role.

Payout Pisky

Good ol' 5 Dimes. Another well respected Costa Rican based sportsbook on the betting board. Back in the day, I remember having to Western Union these guys all the time. A $300 transfer to Manuel Ortiz in Nicaragua. A $500 transfer to Angelina Reyes in Manilla. I'm not certain how all these peer to peer payment hustles worked for sportsbooks, but in the early days of trying to maximize our outs, there was no other way. Thankfully, once Bitcoin began to emerge, a lot of these old school books adopted it and made Payout Pisky's job much simpler. These days, BTC is how we get in/out of 5Dimes. Limits are large enough that we've never felt restricted. I believe they have a max 10k/transaction, but don't quote me on that. As is the case anytime you're dealing with BTC and sportsbooks, pay attention to the conversion rates when depositing or withdrawing. Sportsbooks are notorious for shaving a few percentage points in their favor. Lastly, I'd like to share a golden rule that will save you a major headache when betting at a sportsbook - in particular 5Dimes. Don't make a habit of betting (obvious) bad lines. By obvious, I mean hammering the Steelers at +7 when they're -7 industry wide. It's cheap, it's sleazy, and it will more than likely end up costing you an out. Awhile back, we were perceived to be one of these aforementioned sleaze balls. We had to get down on some NASCAR bets and 5D's lines were stale - not bad or wrong - just stale odds that hadn't moved when they were supposed to. Well that got us into hot water. Our account was already limited, but now it was full on locked with a message saying we had to talk to Tony. Tony was the infamous manager at 5Dimes that was popular on betting forums for chewing out clients he deemed to be cheating scumbags. Check out the screen shot below, he was on fine form this particular day. This story will always resonate with us because of what happened to 5Dimes Tony a couple years after giving us the boot. Driving home from the 5Dimes office after work, Tony was stopped, kidnapped, held for ransom and eventually murdered. Crazy, I know. The details of what exactly happened can be found in a "5 Dimes Tony" Google search. RIP 5Dimes Tony and may justice be served to whoever was responsible for such a horrific act.

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