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Our second biggest bet - Bean!

"Pisky, we need to go all-in on Bean and make him an offer he can't refuse..."


Beanfield, Frijol, Beansux, Coach Beanfield CR, the man with unlimited nicknames! We met Diego (I'm not sure his mother even calls him that) alllll the way back in 2003. He and a few other countrymen packed their bags and uprooted their lives from Costa Rica, to a small native reserve just south of Montreal, Canada. Let me repeat that. COSTA RICA to KAHNAWAKE. Let me assure you something, folks... The probability of running into a native Costa Rican in Kahnawake, or even neighboring Chateauguay (Pisky & Fulldog's hometown), is the equivalent to Greece winning the Euro Cup. It happens once in a lifetime, and you continue boasting about it until the end of time ;)

Bean was part of a Costa Rican crew that made their way north to expand BetUS Sportsbook operations into Canada. Looking back, wow, what a drastic change that expansion had on all of our lives. I remember immediately connecting with all the Costa Ricans. We were young, had minor responsibilities and shared two common passions - sports and betting. The Montreal Expos brought our friendship to the next level. It would take us suburbanites FOREVER to get to Olympic Stadium to catch games, but we were well-seasoned in sneaking malt liquor 40's into the metro and partying for the duration of the trip. It was love at first sight for the Costa Ricans.

After barely surviving two Quebec winters, Bean and crew returned to their native land in 2006. Fulldog went with them. The Costa Rican connection was permanently cemented at that point. Fast forward to 2013 and that phone call from the Fulldog. "Yo, we're going to need help this upcoming football season, and I think if we play our cards right, we can get Bean to come onboard." No chance I thought. Bean was a loyal industry veteran with a steady gig at a popular credit shop. Fulldog being Fulldog was his normal persistent self, and low and behold, after a conversation over a few Imperials, Bean decided to trust & believe in his 40 drinking buddies from Canada. Talk about ALWAYS BETTING....Bean was a pioneer! Weighed the odds, plugged his nose & pulled the trigger. Today, Bean remains our right hand man. No task is too daunting or complex. He's loyal, reliable and insanely passionate about the industry. His Covid-19 project while sports were suspended? He built us an algorithm (FROM SCRATCH!) that evaluates baseball pitchers performances when coming back from the IL. In addition to everything mentioned above, Bean has a special talent of always telling timely jokes and keeping the mood light. Banfield wouldn't be Banfield, without Beanfield.

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