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Assassin Fulldog

Bodog has slowly become one of our favorite sportsbooks. Their pre-game limits are great and as a winner, they'll give you more rope than any other "recreational" sportsbook out there. Another major plus that I've noticed is that they'll limit your stake on a product level. So for example, if you're continuously kicking their ass on Props, your Props limit will be decreased, but pre-game and Live will still have full limits. In a perfect world, limitations wouldn't exist at all, but given the amount of dog shit books out there, I can appreciate the way Bodog does business.

Another positive worth mentioning is Bodog's awesome loyalty program. They've given us thousands of dollars worth of bonuses over the years, all of which come with a 2x rollover. They're on an island of their own by offering that. Very impressive. Lastly, I have to give a shout out to their offerings. Rivaling the likes of selection giant Bet365, Bodog offers all kinds of wagering options. When you do what we do, having lines on practically anything/everything provides value opportunities galore. Trader Beanfield

Another sportsbook with a great reputation. I find Bodog keeps their pre-game lines pretty tight, but you can find value when betting Live. They are always my first or second place that I jump to when Fulldog calls out a play because of their big limits. Another plus is it usually takes them awhile to notice good performance. Player props variety is great and I've noticed they now have a bet maker where you can create your own prop bets. The juice in that bet maker sucks though, so you're probably best avoiding it and playing their traditional offerings.

Payout Pisky

Before saying anything, I must highlight something that Bodog does, that no other sportsbook on the planet does. NO KYC! (KYC = Know Your Customer) That's right, you read that correctly, folks. NO submitting ID's, NO submitting utility bills, NO stupid selfies, NO dicking around saying documents are blurry please restart from the beginning. This policy alone puts them at the top of my list. We have a lot of close friends that are current and former employees of Bodog. Back in the day, they had an office on the Kahnawake native reserve just outside of Montreal/our hometown. Same native reserve where Fulldog & I started our sports betting careers. Over the years we've watched our buddies climb the company ladder and help grow the Bodog brand into the online juggernaut they are today. Limits, bahah, what limits? They'll let you deposit and withdraw almost anything. Speed of such transactions? Almost instant. I don't remember ever waiting more than a few hours for a crypto payment. Yes, we go in/out with BTC - it's fast, its easy, it's amazing. Also, did I mention that they no longer KYC their players?!? The only con worth mentioning is the standard, yes, they do kick winners out eventually. Although, as Fulldog elated to, your lifeline at this book will be much longer than any other "rec" book out there.

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