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Cardano (ADA)

What is Cardano?

Why we like it

Great earner! The Cardano climb has been fun. Not only has the token performed surprisingly well, the staking rewards have been fantastic. Once staked, Cardano rewards show up to your wallet after every epoch (every 5 days). Another added bonus is that your rewards are compounded and re-staked automatically, the ultimate "set it and forget it." We use the Yoroi chrome extension wallet and have no issues with it to date. For staking, we chose the Oasis pool. No issues there either, rewards have been consistent from the beginning.

Cardano steps

  • Acquire their token (ADA) at any major crypto exchange

  • Download the Yoroi wallet (Google chrome extension)

  • Connect Yoroi wallet with your Ledger

  • Choose a staking pool (We chose Oasis Pool)

  • Stake your ADA

  • Receive rewards every 5 days

More Info:

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