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The second titan on the sports betting board is BetCris. I remember walking by Cris's offices daily, when I first moved to Costa Rica. Their offices were 5 mins away from our BetUs offices. Over the years, quite a few of our line guys left our team to go work at Cris. Similar to Pinny, a big plus about Cris is the fact they accept winning players - sort of. They've recently pissed us off with some fine print. Pisky will touch on that in his post. I like Cris for their big limits and unique live betting lines. As is the case with Pinnacle, the Cris line is very well respected industry wide (AKA everyone copies how they move). So again, if you're a sharp bettor and you max bet at Cris, be prepared for whatever game you're playing to blow up across the board. Helpful hint: Bet them last

Payout Pisky

If you were lucky enough (or unlucky enough - depending on who you ask) to catch my March Madness trial run at being the mouth of the Banfield Group, you probably got in the cross fire of my BetCris rant. In section 5.10 of their terms & conditions, these A-Holes implemented a 3.5% withdrawal penalty on customers they deem to be non-recreational. Such a snake move. I tried to fight it, but they wouldn't budge. We ultimately had to pay the non-rec juice, as our balance was being held hostage. I would expect this type of BS from a cowardly "recreational" sportsbook, but not an industry juggernaut like BetCris. ANYWAYS, plans for retribution have been in the works ever since.

Deposit limits here are massive. I'm told the quoted 645k CAD deposit limit for BTC is legit. Again, welcome to the big leagues. I've counted 35 different cryptocurrencies that you can deposit as well, which is pretty wild. Pay attention to their conversion rates though. Many times I've caught them cheating by a few percentage points (another snake move). Payouts aren't as advertised. Their website quotes north of 30k CAD, which is inaccurate. 5k USD/week is all we've been able to squeeze out of them. Alright, enough about BetCris - clearly I'm still bitter about that snake tax!

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