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Assassin Fulldog

If you're playing this sports betting game for keeps, Pinnacle needs to be in your arsenal of accounts. Their low margin/high volume way of bookmaking gives them the ability to offer some of the best odds you'll find. Pinny is my go-to book when I need to get down. They usually have the biggest opening and closing bet limits in the industry. They have never kicked us out for winning (which is rare), but as solid of a bookmaker as they are, I have noticed our bet limits decrease over time. In terms of props and more diverse betting markets, their selection has improved a lot in recent years. Another key factor to be aware of is the delicate nature of Pinnacle's line. Everyone in the industry copies them. If you're sharp and you max bet them, be prepared for the line to blow up across the board.

Payout Pisky

Pinny is one place you NEVER have to worry about in terms of getting paid. A true "sweat the game, not the payout." Their limits are pretty ridiculous across all major payment methods. How ridiculous you ask? Well, at quick glance, they'll let you deposit or withdraw up to 50k CAD via Bitcoin or 125k CAD via Tether. In one shot. Oh yes, you're playing in the big leagues here, Banfield groupies. Like most online post-up books, standard KYC (know your customer) documentation is required. The process of sending and being verified at Pinnacle has always been pretty quick and painless.

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