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Early adopters. Kind of....

"Pisky, figure out this Bitcoin shit. A lot of sportsbooks are accepting it now, and the limits are solid."

The Story

I remember the above Fulldog order like it was yesterday. Over to Google, and the journey into cryptocurrency officially began. "How to buy Bitcoin." I remember the instructions being vague, complicated and sketchy as f*ck. The frustrated thoughts of "I'm not a f*ckin tech guy, Fulldog" entered my mind hourly. What the F was a wallet? What the F was an exchange? What are those big, long, intimidating as F addresses? I was definitely in over my head. If you haven't already noticed, the Fulldog is NOT someone who gives up on ANYTHING. The nagging continued. Getting in/out of sportsbooks at the time had become a nightmare for us. Our bankroll had grown substantially, but we couldn't move it around because of the pathetic limits of Western Union, Vanilla pre-paid credit cards, Neteller, etc... Fulldog was convinced that Bitcoin would help us immensely....and when I say convinced, think dog on bone analogy. After overcoming my signature trait of worrying, we employed what turned out to be a strategy that we would use time and time again in the future. We closed our eyes, plugged our noses, and pulled the trigger.

I wish this story ended with us betting on Bitcoin at that time, as opposed to sports. But it does not (wipes tear from eye). We thought we had missed the boat (wipes tears from both eyes). Fulldog and a close "friend of ours" talked about Bitcoin when it was less than $10. Those days were gone, Bitcoin was WILDLY volatile, and we still didn't fully understand what it was. We were convinced that quick in/outs were the safe & smart play going forward (full on sobbing).

Why we like it

For starters, it made and continues to make our sports betting lives sooo MUCH easier. Transactions are quick, simple, reliable...BTC is revolutionary and just plain awesome. Sure, the soaring price obviously puts a smile on our faces too, but we're part of a small (but rapidly growing) percentage of people who actually use BTC regularly. We buy into the "digital gold" theory. We adore the decentralization aspect of it, and once you posses BTC, the capabilities of what you can do with it in the crypto world are endless.

Bitcoin steps

  1. Acquire BTC (Exchanges, ATM's, currency exchanges, etc...)

  2. Protect your BTC on a Ledger

  3. Endless opportunity from step #2 onward

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