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Gold & Silver

"Pisky, go meet Kijiji Scott in a parking lot in Barrie..."

Why we like it

Great hedge! We've jumped into a few gold & silver stocks in addition to picking up some physical bullion. Calling to action our true inner pirate-ism. "If the world goes completely to shit, gold and silver will be king, Pisky" says a stern/informative Fulldog. Makes sense. Although, if we haven't seen "completely to shit" yet, I'm not sure about you, but I am (very) afraid.

Opinion: Another reason why I believe "we" like gold & silver is Fulldog's diabolic desire to send me around the province of Ontario meeting sellers he finds on Kijiji. Zero exaggerations here, Banfield Groupies. The last adventure was a 2 hour drive north, to a police station parking lot in Barrie. I found the police station aspect to be smart/comforting. Call me naïve, but I can't imagine too many scam artists would suggest meeting at a 24/7 video surveillance cop shop. I'll be honest, I don't know too much about the precious metals game. I had to meet Kijiji Scott on two separate occasions and pretend I knew what I was talking about. Luckily, I was on my game both those days and was able to weather the storm with some timely/corny precious metal jokes ;)

Gold & Silver steps

How we go about acquiring

  1. We hunt for physical gold & silver at best price (Bullion dealers vs Kijiji)

  2. If physical prices are too inflated, we look at stocks or ETF's that mirror physical gold & silver prices

  3. To acquire stocks or EFT's we roll with the Wealthsimple app (Yes, full disclosure, that is an affiliate link. They flip you two random stocks for signing up + one to us if you use the link)

  4. We're currently in ABX, SLV & PSLV

More info

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