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"Pisky, we just got hacked...AGAIN"

The Story

With every great story, comes a pretty shit story - or stories in this case. Trying to be one of the first inside the door comes with risk, and boy oh boy did we learn that the hard way with ETH. Our crypto consigliere gave us a tip, we acted upon it, and there we were betting on this tech stuff called Ethereum. "It's kind of like Bitcoin, but way better" we were told. Awesome! Well, not quite. We were rookie call-ups on the crypto scene and had no idea what the difference between a hot wallet and cold storage was. We heard murmurs of hacks being a threat, but weren't too concerned about them. To mitigate risk, we bought into Ethereum on a couple different exchanges. Right intention, but not fully executed. Our mistake - leaving said crypto assets in hot wallets ON the various exchanges. Peaking at today's Ethereum trading price, ugh, what a nasty lesson to learn. For obvious reasons, we don't really like like re-visiting this particular moment in our journey. Chalk up another one under the "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" column. Shifting focus, the important part is that we LEARNED. In order to build anything, mistakes have to be made, lessons have to be learned. This is one we'll never forget, but looking back, was integral part of the process.

What is Ethereum?

We'll stay in our sports betting wise guy lane and leave the crypto explanations to the professionals.

Why we like it

Ethereum is a BEAST. When I say BEAST, many of you probably assume I'm speaking about the price. I assure you, I am not. While the bulls runs are obviously great, the REAL fascination with Ethereum has been how it has evolved, how the ecosystem actually works, and how ridiculously powerful it is. Think internet 2.0. Maybe even 3.0. The amount of (fascinating) projects currently being built on the Ethereum network is astonishing. Life changing astonishing. We're willing to bet (and have been betting) that Ethereum is going to be a VERY big part of our future...and I don't mean Fulldog & my future, I mean ALL of our futures.

Ethereum Steps

  1. Acquire ETH from a crypto ATM or your exchange of choice

  2. Send ETH to your Ledger or other cold storage device (DO NOT LEAVE IT ON AN EXCHANGE)

  3. The possibilities after step 2 are VAST

More info

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