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Assassin Fulldog

Intertops is the one of the simplest sportsbooks out there. They've been around forever, and kind of like Pisky's Proline guys, they haven't changed much since inception. If you're looking to bet big, forget it, go elsewhere. All we really use Intertops for is to simply have another place to shop at. A nickel here, a dime there, we really don't bother with anything more than that. Prop limits are shit, Live limits are shit, I'd say this is a sportsbook for beginners.

Similar to Bodog, it seems as though they start limiting you on a per product basis. We can work with that. Maximum beating thresh hold? 10k (Inter) TOPS. See what I did there? Yikes, been hanging out with Pisky too much lately, his bad jokes are contagious. Honestly, that 10k mark is like clockwork. I think they get alerts once you cross it. Then its limitations, upon limitations, upon limitations, until your only option is to leave.

Trader Beanfield

You can definitely find value when betting at Intertops, but they have a very limited number of markets to chose from. Their Live betting software really sucks. It's old, it's slow and it's kind of confusing. I've missed several orders over the years because of this software, so they are very low on my list when it comes time to get down. Stake limitations at this book are fast & furious. I wouldn't recommend Live betting anything over a nickel - you're probably even safer with $250. Player prop limits are very low as well, $200 max.

Payout Pisky

First off, Pisky had NOTHING to do with the prehistoric preservation of the Proline sports betting product. Can anyone tell Fulldog's been teasing me about that for the better part of a decade?! Intertops is as old-school as it gets. When I was digging around for their logo, I learned that they were actually the first EVER sportsbook to take an online wager - back in 1996 apparently. As the two sharpies above alluded to, it seems as though Intertops hasn't changed a whole lot since those very early days. Compared to some of the other giants on the board, their crypto deposit limits are micro (Max $2500 via BTC) and their crypto withdrawal limits are even lower (Dime max/ 7 days). That said, these guys have a VERY good reputation for paying their players without the silly stall tactics that other books use. Sure cashing out a large balance at Intertops will take some time, but you can be confident that you will eventually receive it in full. Aka - Good problem to have.

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