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NBA Top Shot

What is NBA Top Shot?

Why we like it

Our journey into non-fungible tokens begins in the world of sports (who would have guessed?!). NBA Top Shot has been a lot of fun to date. Whether its hoping/praying to be randomly selected for one of their pack drops, or wheeling & dealing in the marketplace, the experience as a whole takes us back to our youthful card collecting days. Heads up though, NBA Top Shot is still in Beta version. Money IN has been simple, money OUT....not so much. That being said, we've had positive interactions with Dapper Labs (the motor behind the NBA Top Shot product) concerning some early hiccups they've had out of the gate. We're excited and hopeful that this product will really take off once the NBA begins marketing it for real.

Our NBA Top Shot steps

  • Sign up and deposit to our Dapper wallet.

  • Accepted payment methods = Crypto or Credit card

  • We keep an eye out for pack drops and pack reservations

  • Buy & sell moments on the NBA Top Shot marketplace

More info

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