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Our biggest bet - Ourselves!

"Pisky, let's quit our jobs and bet on shit. You in?!"


El gran jefe. The human calculator. The wizard of odds. Pisky's life coach. I can go on and on and on here, folks. Without pumping his tires too much, simply put, this guy is a MACHINE. As a sportsbook operator, I dare you to post a line without doing your homework. I dare you to get cute and shade a game. I dare you to prematurely show us the door. The Fulldog doesn't like being treated unfairly and he sure as hell doesn't forget who crosses him. Ok, now I'm making him sound like an animal (he kinda is!) Fulldog took the leap of faith in 2018. He left his position of line manager at BetUs to begin working on Banfield Group projects full-time. Chris, (as his mom and like 4 other people call him) gave his soul to BetUs. He moved lines, he invented new bets, he sniffed out sharp action, he did it all. It got to a point where he would bet (MASSIVELY) all morning for his bosses, move lines all day for the company, then trade live basketball games all night for Banfield. As mentioned above, MAQUINA.

What made him quit his job and bet on himself? That's a question only he can answer. I'm sure glad he did though. It paved the way for our journey to progress in ways we could have never imagined. Just don't ask him to pronounce athletes last names properly!


Writing my own bio, this is always a treat. Who am I? WHO ARE YOU?! Pisky is the master of telling mediocre jokes. He LOVES pranks, dad jokes and getting family & friends crooked on various types of weed edibles. He is a master motivator and credits his reliability, genuineness and INCREDIBLE support system for getting him anywhere in life. Pisky takes the leap of faith after spending 13 years in front the screens at ProLine. For those unaware, ProLine is the sports betting product of the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation. During his days at OLG, Pisky would be responsible for odds setting, liability management and driving Godfather Mirabello absolutely crazy. Back to first person. I have mixed emotions about the OLG. On one hand, the scheduling and laid back environment is one of the main reasons we were able to get Banfield off the ground. On the other hand, I learned everything I needed to know about the job, two weeks in. Not ideal. For the past few years I've felt stale. I could feel that something was missing in my life. I guess that's what led me here. I wanted a new challenge - something to make me uncomfortable and test myself. Well, here I am. If this crazy pandemic situation has taught me anything, it is that tomorrow is NOT guaranteed. "Don't buy green bananas" my grandmother has always said. So I did our thing. Weighed the odds, closed my eyes, plugged my nose and pulled the trigger. My new job: To build a fun loving community of Banfield Groupamaniacs! Pisky is a people person, and it's about damn time he acts on it!

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