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VeChain (VET)

What is VeChain?

Why we like it

After watching the above video, what isn't there to like about VeChain?! HODLing VeChain doesn't reward us quite as spectacularly as some of the other crypto projects we're involved with, BUT, earning is earning. As a VeChain (VET) hodl-er, we stake our stash and earn VeThor (VTHO) tokens. In order to earn, you first need to select a Node. There are many different types of Nodes, all with different functions, benefits and requirements. Learn more about Nodes and rewards here.

Our VeChain steps

  1. Trade for VET tokens at a crypto exchange.

  2. Download the Sync wallet

  3. Select a Node

  4. Stake our VET

  5. Watch VTHO trickle in

More Info:

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