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William Hill

Assassin Fulldog

William Hill can be split into two different categories. Their European branch of sportsbooks & the USA side of things. The Euro side is the one you'll see when you bet with with them online (outside of the USA). I really like their Live betting platform - lots of games, easy to use, good (initial) limits. Getting your account limited is a bit of a problem at Willy though. Back in the early days, I remember having much longer of a leash to work with. Today, you're probably looking at 10-15k before they begin the process of showing you to the door.

Willy Hill USA operates a different line code than the online/European product. At least they used to when I was living in Vegas back in 2018. They were just beginning to takeover Vegas at that time, which was a major piss-off for us. The only reason we established ourselves in the desert, was to give ourselves more sportsbooks to shop at. Willy USA did us no favors in that department. They took over a lot of the smaller sportsbooks in town like Royale casino, Tuscany, Binions, etc.. We were still able to capitalize though. I won't say exactly what they were doing wrong (in the event that another desert operator is still doing it), but they were making mistakes on some of their early week NFL offerings.

In 2019 the sportsbook shopping aspect of Las Vegas took another hit. Willy bought out the (always in hot water) Cantor Gaming brand. CG had the Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Tropicana to name a few. Today, sin city shopping is all but dead. Willy Hill USA is donezo - recently bought out by Caesars. Shitty and kind of boring. We used to look forward to taking in different atmospheres, at different sportsbooks, all over the strip.

Trader Beanfield

Willy is one of my favorite outs. You can find value in both their Live lines and player props. Their Live betting platform might be my favorite. Bet365 to Willy, bang bang, is usually how I start my orders. Be careful with how heavy you swing out of the gate though. These guys are sometimes very quick with slashing limits. Especially if you start beating them on Props.

Payout Pisky

In the early days of Banfield Group, Willy Hill used to be one of our main pillars. Their Live lines were WEAK to say the least. We tried EVERYTHING to keep our accounts under the radar so we could continue to reap the benefits. It was extremely difficult though. At one point, I even went out to the UK to see how Willy's betting shops worked out there. Aside from being slightly amused by the pathological pony bettors, those betting shops weren't much to write a blog about. Dark, dingy, smelly and everyone playing 1 or 2 quid per bet. We were hoping for an anonymity angle to place our wagers, but given the atmosphere & clientele, there was no chance of that. Willy is another one of those European sportsbooks that are stuck in the pre-historic no crytpo days. A friend of the Banfield familia who specializes in sportsbook payments tells us its the UK gaming license that prevents these places from giving the thumbs up to BTC et al. Back in the day, we used to get in/out with Instadebit. That worked great, until Instadebit prohibited customers from carrying an in-house balance for more than 30 days. Today, we're still looking for a magical solution.

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