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Sports Interaction

Assassin Fulldog

When Pisky & I began our careers in the sports betting industry, Sports Interaction were our neighbors. They had an office a few doors down from us in the same plaza in Kahnawake (native reserve just outside Montreal). I remember going into their office a few times with Gary UConn. He was a professional bettor with all kinds of contacts in the industry. More on him in a podcast episode at some point. SIA is a classic square book. I assume they take a ton of square action because they're always shading their favorites. Seems like they have every Montreal Canadiens fan betting with them too. Next time the Habs are hot, check out how bad they shade their game lines and future prices. It's pretty ridiculous.

It's tough to do any major damage at this book. Their limits are low, their odds are pretty shit, and they're quick to limit your stake if you show any signs of intelligence. In a perfect world where limiting didn't exist, we would gladly play all our underdogs at Sports Interaction. But they don't like that. Once they catch on that you're only taking their dogs, they'll quickly limit you to peanuts and ultimately show you to the door.

Trader Beanfield

Interaction's Live platform is by FAR the most annoying spot to grind. Loading issues, freezing and crashing is the norm here. Combine that with pathetic delays in accepting wagers, ugh, no bueno. I don't think I have ever gotten my first wager through without an issue. Is it all a coincidence? Definitely not. MAJOR patience is needed to play anything Live at this sportsbook.

Payout Pisky

If government run sports betting products (Mise O Jeu, Proline, etc..) are pre-school, Sports Interaction would be elementary school. "Canada's sportsbook"....c'monnnn. They really have to stop with that. Anyone taking sports betting somewhat seriously should definitely not be playing here. Unless of course, you're only playing their shaded underdogs, but the Fulldog explained what happens if you do that here.

SIA is another sportsbook that employs a good number of people we grew up with. Shout out to all the SIA crew! Although their limits are low, we've never had an issue with getting paid here. We've always taken comfort in the fact that we know people on the inside and know where they operate. That said, we've never had to lean on either. In terms of deposits & withdrawals, they're still in the anti-crypto stone age like most European sportsbooks. They do however offer the very simple in/out methods of Interac, Instadebit & Much Better.

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